Who is STLHD Gear?

Simply put, we love the outdoors. We love the river, we love the woods, we love the mountains, we just love being outside. This whole crazy thing started with a love of fishing. I (Alex) remember the first time I walked into a tackle shop here in the northwest. What a scary experience. I was new to the sport. My grandfather had shown me a few things but I was a complete novice when it came to salmon and steelhead. I really wanted to get out on the river and I figured I would head down to this local shop and see what kind of info I could gather. I walked in the place and you could literally hear the record screech to a halt. These guys wanted nothing to do with me. They didn't want to answer any of my questions or even show me product. I was really embarrassed and turned off. All I wanted to do was gather info and pick up a few things. I promptly walked out and vowed never to return.

A few weeks later I decided to hit up another shop. Same thing. These stuffy old dudes decked out in khaki everything looked me up, looked me down and sent me packing. Who the hell did they think they were?? I had been turned off by the whole experience. I was however still hiking, camping and fishing when ever I had the time.

My brother Cobb hit me up and said he was moving back to Oregon. Our relationship had been rocky to say the least and he wanted to reconnect. The one thing we always could gravitate to, was work. He suggested that we start a business. We started off selling do-it-yourself fly tying kits—and DIYFLYKIT.COM was born. We liked to fly fish and gear fish, we thought the kits were a good start. From there we started H&H Outfitters and STLHD Gear. Cobb has since moved on to other ventures but our longtime friend and employee Adam was able to join in and we are sure glad he did. The rest is how they say, history.

We do what we do because we feel there needs to be another voice. The big boys have their base. The uniform has been established by the status quo and most people follow along blindly. We asked, "What about the outsiders? What about those who choose to think outside the box? What about those anglers who fish gear and fly? What about the punk rock kid who secretly loves to go camping? What about the mountain biker who packs his fishing rod in his overnight pack. What about the logger who can’t wait to head down from the mountain and hit the river early Saturday morning?"

Alex Hudjohn of H&H Outfitters Outdoor Lifestyle Apparel Company

These are people who make STLHD Gear what it is. These are the folks who keep us thinking, designing and creating. These are our people. The Outsiders.

No matter your outdoor sport, STLHD Gear has something for you. Camping, hiking, fishing, hunting. We do it all and we love to share our passion with like minded individuals.

Thank you for your support. We literally could not do this with out you.

Alex Hudjohn