STLHD X DRO Big Soft Bead Box

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Score the ultimate catch with this STLHD X DRO Big Soft Bead Box! Stock up on these Hex and Coreshot pattern beads for maximum light refraction and a seriously realistic look that'll have the fish in the net in no time!

12 total colors-

Legacy round- GOAT, Xtina Pink, Kelly’s Sunrise, Mango candy, First Cast Indecision, and Cerise 2.0.

Hex- Petey, Code Red, Tequila Sunrise, Wizard

Core shot- Unicorn Shart and Pink Pirate.

Each color has the following sizes: 20mm x 2, 16mm x 3, 14mm x 6, and 12mm x 6. Core shots also have 10mm x 6.